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Lily Figuera

Lily Figuera

Ethnicity: Filipina
Stats: 32C-23-32
Height: 5'0
Weight: 94 lbs
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Style: Fully Nude

Lily Figuera defines the word "Perfection". She is young, beautiful, and absolutely flawless. Basically, she is really HOT!!! This sexy Filipina model comes to us from the City of Angeles - Los Angeles, CA. Lily has the most amazingly celestial body. She is a truly mouthwatering gratification for all of the senses. Every curve is tight, round, and delicious. Lily has only been modeling for a short period of time, but she is sure to make a huge, superstar splash in the industry. This tiny Filipina is sexy, motivated, and has an awesome sense of humor. Lily Figuera is definitely one of the most down-to-earth, dedicated, and sweetest models we have ever met.

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